Problem Neymar Since Moving to Paris Saint-Germain

Problem Neymar Since Moving to Paris Saint-Germain

So far Neymar looks fine in Paris Saint-Germain, after mega transfer from Barcelona Agen Sbobet Casino. He scored five goals and assists from his first five games. However, actually Neymar have a pretty serious problem.

The main problem of the Brazilian striker is the same as most footballers who play in the country of people, the language. Rarely meeting French players makes it difficult to communicate with the people of Paris.

“Ney got into trouble (with language), but he tried to ask me how to say something, how to ask for orange juice at the restaurant,” said the PSG defender was quoted from the US (15/9).

Meanwhile, compatriot Neymar who is also his close friend, Dani Alves, claimed not to have similar problems.

“Because he played a lot with French players before and he knows some words and understands very well,” added Marquinhos.

Marquinhos himself has spent four years with PSG after moving from Rome in 2013. Of course, he’s been through the times experienced by Neymar.

In addition, related trio of PSG striker at this time (Neymar, Edison Cavani and Kylian Mbappe) Marquinhos said all three need a little more time to really understand each other.

“It’s great to see their understanding in the first game (1-5 against Mainz), but there are still some reactions and moves they need to understand each other,” he added.

PSG have been outstanding so far, they have scored 26 goals in seven consecutive wins (all competitions) and conceded only four goals including a 5-0 win against Celtic in the Champions League. (Source:

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