League Result 1, Persela Tumbang at Borneo FC Cage

League Result 1, Persela Tumbang at Borneo FC Cage

Playing at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda, which is the headquarters of Borneo FC, Persela Lamongan came home empty-handed, Thursday (19/10/2017).

Aji Santoso foster children are defeated 4-2 in this fight.

In this match, Persela actually had time to make Borneo FC difficulty penetrating their defense.

In fact, the first goal host newly created when the game entered the 37th minute.

This goal was donated by striker Lerby Eliandry.

A minute after winning, Borneo FC increased their scores by winger Terens Puhiri.

First round action was ended with a 2-0 home advantage.

After the break, Borneo FC back breaking into Persela goalkeeper who escorted Ferdiansyah.

This time a goal scored by Sultan Samma in the 69th minute.

In the 80th minute, referee Annas Apriliandi who led the game fell on the field due to injury.

Had received treatment from the medical team, Annas again able to continue the task.

Entering the 87th minute, Borneo FC was awarded a penalty after Persela handsball and Flavio Junior became successful executors.

Persela minimize lag by kick 12 pas Samsul Arif in the 89th minute.

Then, in the 90th minute +5, Persela again scored through Ivan Carlos and became the cover of this fight.

This party is the first game Persela without goalkeeper Choirul Huda who died on Sunday (15/10/2017).

For captain, Persela coach Aji Santoso appointed Jose Coelho as leader.

This Portuguese player in several matches Persela indeed become captain.

Meanwhile, Borneo FC in this match dikapteni by Japanese players, Kunihiro Yamashita.

Composition of players:

Borneo FC: Muhammad Ridho; Diego Michiels, Abdul Rahman, Matheus Henrique Do Carmo Lopes, Kunihiro Yamashita, Muhammad Rizky Yusuf, Flavio Beck Junior, Sultan Samma, Terens Puhiri, Lerby Eliandry, Shane Edward Smeltz

Coach: Iwan Setiawan

Persela: Ferdiansyah; Ahmad Birrul Walidan, Edy Gunawan, Aang Suparman, Ramon Rodrigues De Mesquita, Eky Taufik Febriyanto, Muhammad Agung Pribadi, Saddil Ramdani, Eka Ramdani, Jose Manuel Barbosa Alves, Samsul Arif

Coach: Aji Santoso

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